UK Opens Applications for Chevening Scholarships

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Scholarships from the UK

From Tuesday, August 3, the United Kingdom (UK) state will welcome submissions for the Chevening Scholarship, which will be open until November 2, 2021.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and partner organizations sponsor Chevening, the UK government’s foreign scholarship program. The award provides financial assistance to students pursuing any suitable university program at a UK institution.

The invitation for fresh candidates comes after accepting 37 Pakistani scholars awarded a scholarship to college at a UK university the following year.

For the past two years, women have made up about 60% of the British High Commission’s intake, as per Fouzia Younis, serving as a Head of Communication and Public Diplomacy.

“Chevening opens doors for everyone. We have exceeded our 50% gender target for the past two years, with bright Pakistani women accounting for nearly 60% of our admissions. I encourage people from all throughout Pakistan, as well as minorities, to apply. Ambition knows no bounds,” she continued. is where you can submit your application.