In 2021, the German government offered the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative aka DAFI Scholarship to Afghan refugees pursuing undergraduate degrees in Pakistani universities. Inspire Pakistan will administer the DAFI scholarships in partnership with the UNHCR stands for United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Women and those with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply.

The DAFI initiative aims to help eligible, academically talented young refugee women and men gain higher education during their first place of asylum. DAFI scholarships are given to undergraduate students at accredited and recognized higher education institutions/universities for a maximum of four years and will continue its allowances for further education if required based on the productive results obtained by the holder.

German Government DAFI Scholarship Covers following allowances for youth who are successful in gaining the regarding scholarship:

German Government DAFI Scholarship Covers:  

  • Tuition and academic fees of the university
  • Study materials such as books, notes, and other materials
  • Research or internship expenditures
  • A maintenance allowance to cover basic food, transportation, lodging, and other expenses.

For further information such as eligibility criteria, instructions for applications, and required documents, interested students can visit the website:


Download Application form here http://inspirepk.org/downloads/DAFI-Scholarship-Programme-Application-Form-2021.pdf The application must include all required documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

You can easily gather the necessary details and also the application form. The form must be

submitted with the required documents; otherwise, the application may get rejected despite

fulfilling the complete eligibility criteria.