Jobs – KP to Hire 1,300 New Teachers

On the Government’s emphasis, the elementary and secondary education departments have opted to recruit teachers with the help of the parent-teacher council as a stopgap measure. Officials claimed that at first, 1,300 instructors would be hired in KP for the province’s state-run primary, middle, and high schools.

According to education department officials, the practice of recruiting instructors on a one-year contract would continue until regular teachers are appointed at government primary, middle, and high schools. The provincial Government already had authorised Rs400 million for teacher recruitment. They stated that Rs200 million would be spent on hiring instructors for primary education and Rs200 million for primary and secondary schools across the province.

According to the director, instructors at basic schools would be paid Rs20,000, middle school teachers would be paid Rs25,000, and high school teachers will be paid Rs30,000, according to the director. The PTC committee will sign agreements with the selected candidates for primary schools under the sub-divisional education officer, SDEO, and assistant sub-divisional education officer, ASDEO. In contrast, the additional district education officer (ADEO) will perform the second level after scrutinising the applications. Selection will be based on merit, using the same criteria used to pick teachers at the primary and secondary levels through the education department as per the director.

According to Dawn, the department of education will also employ 1,200 information technology professors and directors of information technology laboratories through PTC for the 600 labs that will be built shortly at Rs2 billion in the provincial’s high and higher secondary schools.

The teachers will be hired on a one-year contract by the parent-teacher council (PCT), which comprises the school’s administration, parents of enrolled pupils, and local elders.

According to, a sum of PKR 400 million is already set aside for the employment of instructors. With Rs. 200 million going to primary schools and the rest going to intermediate and senior schools all over the province.