KU Ph.D. & M.Phil Entrance Tests marked with big blunders

KU Ph.D. & M.Phil Entrance Tests marked with big blunders

Karachi University is one of the most prestigious universities in the city yet the administration made a huge blunder by printing the correct answers on the question paper which is highly irregular for any entrance exam considering the fact that the entrance test was for M.phil and Ph.D. which made a question mark on the transparency of the staff of the admission office.

The test was due on 18th July and various centers were made in all departments of KU like other entry tests it was based on mcqs too but the only difference was all the correct answers were already highlighted to make it easier for students to pass test without putting any effort. After this gaffe KU has now computerized the entry test system with enterprise resource planning which is also known as ERP system.

One of the students Ahmed Muneeb who happens to be the spokesperson of IT for the students of KU was not happy with the old policies of administration, he shared the university administration is paying no heed to upgrading the policies their focus is just on new titles. In addition he claimed that university is increasing their fees with every passing year without giving any necessities let alone facilities. He demanded that it is students basic right to ask for facilities in return of heavy fees.

While talking to media he said there is a lot of favoritism and bias in this university in fact last year’s M.phil and Ph.D. entries were not made on merit it was pure favoritism.

This kind of behavior strictly needs to be administered because not only will it degrade students but along with that it will give away a negative image to the foreign students. These students are our future and hope we shall take stand for them and encourage system which is fair and transparent .The imperfection of admission system can be rectified if we stop manipulating scores and grades.

Considering the fact that M.phil is advanced postgraduate research training and Ph.D. is the top notch degree awarded in most disciplines universities should give chance to those who deserve them the most because only then a healthy competition among students can flourish and in the long run our country can benefit from such highly educated people. We are hoping that university of Karachi would amend their ways and make the institution a better place for students to learn and shine.