KP Govt to Launch Education Cards for Poor Students

KP experiences a good deal of problems than other provinces of Pakistan. Poverty and other lack of resources have all played a role in delaying the proper implementation of any educational system. Furthermore, because of the province’s socioeconomic, urban-rural, and cultural norms, KP’s children are not offered a reasonable chance for effective teaching and evaluation through which their learning may be measured. The schooling of diverse cultural and linguistic children must be considered holistically involving parents. All in the context of Pakistan’s socioeconomic, cultural, and political scenario, as well as the country’s security situation,’ according to the report: The critical issue of girls’ education in Pakistan by Gouleta in 2014.

Despite the challenges, KPK will continue to improve its school system because its educational practitioners and, most importantly, its strong, enduring, and persistent people have the will and commitment to do so. People being hopeful that the state of the province would carefully consider constructing a good educational assessment plan customized to the needs of its various students. It is also vital for authoritative to continue to enhance the quality of the latter’s education system by improving its management and monitoring system.

By the time, it was fortunate enough for the government of KP to identify the problem and address it. As a result, the government has lately taken essential steps to improve education for impoverished students in KPK, assuring officials and authorities that implementation will not be delayed.

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, aka KP, is preparing to introduce Education Cards, which will be similar to the Health Card scheme, for the province’s impoverished but brilliant and worthy children, allowing them to receive a quality education in any Pakistani school. On Sunday, the Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (SACM) on Higher Education and Information, Kamran Bangash, announced the development at a ceremony in Peshawar hosted by the Higher Education Department (HED) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Quality Assurance Awards and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) capability building