UHS Announces Schedule for MBBS Exams

Due to the Covid – 19, the education field has been affected severely, especially medicine. As the pandemic situation gets better, the officials are taking new initiatives to get back on routine.

Recently, with the permission of the Board of Studies in Medicine, the University of Health Sciences as known as UHS, released the timetable for MBBS annual exams 2021.

According to a Tuesday report, the first professional MBBS examination will take place from December 21 to December 28. On December 2, students are requested to submit entry applications.

Concerning the 43rd Council Meeting on August 24, 2021, after required COVID prevention SOPs – 19, the Professional MBBS Annual Examinations 2021 have also been planned.
The schedule is as per the following:

•   The first-year examination is starting from the 21st to December 28, 2021. 
•   The second-year examination is starting from 4th to January 14, 2022.
•   The third-year examination is starting from 7th to December 17, 2021
•   The fourth-year examination is starting from November 23 to December 6, 2021
•   Consecutively, the final year examination is scheduled from January 25 to February 22, 2022.

The subjects and days according to the above-given dates are mentioned in the following image.